At the essence of great organizations are the people who find joy and satisfaction in being there.

-Jan Aalberts Waukon

Communication as a tool for generating business prosperity
An interactive session that will identify and provide solutions to common issues in communication that interfere with personal business success and collaboration with colleagues, employees and clients.

Project management as a natural consequence of intention
Projects often begin with the best of intentions and deteriorate into misguided attempts, frustrating overwhelm, or damaging conflict. Learn the principles of project management in an environment that promotes communication, success and partnerships that work.

Is your business growing or dying? What makes a difference?
We know that in order to thrive in the current fast-paced, constantly changing environment, businesses must grow and evolve as organizations. Learn principles that propel organizations rather than disable them in a time of change.

Confrontation as a means to re-creation
Confrontation is often viewed as an emotional, difficult, angry interaction among individuals in crisis or upset. Or it is avoided at all cost at the expense of continuing dysfunction. This seminar focuses on changing our view of confrontation. Confrontation will be seen as a tool for re-design and a way to revitalize the ambition and health of your organization.

The principles of effective business transaction
Business transactions flow through a methodical and logical sequence. Without awareness of the intricacies of transactions, success occurs more by accident than design. This seminar helps everyone on your team understand the principles of effective business transactions, providing the tools for well designed, consistent, and productive results.

All topics can be subject matter for a keynote presentation.

SkyHouse results

  • Strong leadership
  • Motivation
  • Management with integrity and precision
  • Focused, cohesive team with clarity of purpose
  • Effective Communication
  • Dynamic strategies and processes

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