“Over a period of months, with Jan’s extraordinary leadership, we evaluated virtually all aspects of our operation with the full participation of staff across all units. The result was simply astounding on many levels.

In large part, thanks to Jan, we have a highly cohesive work group with a common mission and a strong spirit of pride and community. On a personal level, she helped in a number of substantive ways to improve my overall management skills. I am indebted to her. At the start of the process I could have never imagined such outstanding results.”

University Division
Executive Director

“We have all benefited from Jan’s wonderful ability to get to the heart of the matter, articulate our values, and keep us on track…a gifted, magnificent facilitator.”

Association Board Member

“From the start Jan was approachable and giving. I gained confidence running my business. Our work together continues to stay with me as I face challenges.”


“Our staff morale improved significantly after the retreat that Jan led. We were forced to face issues and found ways to work smarter, more efficiently and more effectively.”

Executive Director
Arts Council

“Our small team of six managers was able to accomplish more in five hours with the professional coaching by Jan Aalberts Waukon from sky house than we have been able to accomplish in five months on our own. In this day of communication by phone, fax and email, we seem to have lost the ability to talk to each other and instead we talk at each other.”

Owner / Manager
Events Center

SkyHouse Promise

  • Move beyond your limitations
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Gain the freedom to create your future
  • Generate revitalized ambition
  • Establish a productive working culture

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