Success begins when honorable decisions are made.

-Jan Aalberts Waukon

Ask yourself these questions:

Are we positioned for growth and prosperity, with commitment and purpose?

Are we facing the issues that hinder my success with honesty, strength, and courage?

Is our organization / business growing or dying? What makes the difference?

The Process of Development and Change

An ongoing process to shift the focus, energy and success of an organization through planning, coaching and issue specific intervention.

A retreat/work session is a constructive method for facilitating change. Working collaboratively with your organization’s leadership, interviews and questionnaires will assist in identifying what needs to be accomplished. The sessions(s) can be focused to manage a particular issue or to undertake short and long term strategic planning. Because SKYHOUSE is dedicated to optimal performance for your organization, it will incorporate some basic training principles that center on building skills for effective process and communication as part of the session.

Skyhouse offers

  • Board and Staff Retreats
  • Team and Personal Coaching
  • Strategic Planning Processes
  • Decision Specific Meeting Facilitation
  • Group Seminars and Workshops
  • The Process of Development and Change”Work Sessions”
  • Key Note Presentations

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email: info@sky-house.com